Why Are Modular
Structures Cheaper?

The low cost is a big reason why Modular Structures are becoming more and more popular in South Africa.

At Prefab Building Technology, you can take full advantage of this cost-effective solution.

One of the reasons that materials are cheaper is that the manufacturer can purchase very specific amounts to avoid wastage and excess costs.

This allows the customer to take advantage of the lower rates, while it also eliminates delays due to certain materials being depleted. Labour on-site is also cut drastically, due to the manufacturing been done before hand. This will impact on the building cost and also decreases the overall spend.

You also pay for what you get, unlike other situations where sand, stone, wood and other material will inevitably be wasted. Find out more about our modular home cost by talking to a consultant at Prefab Building Technology and they will gladly quote you on your project.

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