Metal Wall Panels:
Types, Benefits, And Considerations

At Prefab Building Technology we supply quality Chromadek metal wall panels made from quality steel materials. Chromadek wall panels need to be well insulated and water resistant, as well as be able to handle high pressure impact and heavy weight. The sizes of the Chromadek wall panels range from 1180 mm in width and in length from 2400 mm to 3000 mm as a standard. These however can be altered according to specifications and clients needs.

Below are a few benefits of Metal Wall Panels:

  • They are affordable and virtually maintenance free.
  • The installation is easy and they can last a life time, depending on what the structure is used for.
  • They are light in weight and not demanding in terms of workload.
  • These panels can be recycled, they are not harmful to the environment and they can be fitted and used for almost any application.

Taking into account the capacity of the construction and the material at use, Chromadek wall panels protect structures against corrosion. 2 part adhesive is used to bond the skins of the metal wall panels to make them durable and extremely strong.

Always consider functionality when choosing Chromadek panels. With our products we are able to supply Construction Camps, Offices, Training Centre’s , Housing, Clinics, Classrooms, Ablutions. The list is endless! To get a sound price and fantastic customer service, contact Prefab Building Technology today!

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