Benefits of using Chromadek
Modular Steel Buildings

Modular steel buildings are continually evolving, sometimes in incredible ways, while the use of steel in construction may seem like an innovative choice, recent technological advances bring a host of benefits.

Greater efficiency

Using steel for modular construction saves time and money. Manufacturers can order steel construction components from suppliers to the exact size and specifications in the CAD drawings. This culminates in a streamlined installation process. Depending on the size and complexity of the building, the sub-frame can be put together in a matter of days. Plates and gussets are tailored to the precise length required, including holes for connections. By lifting a steel sub-frame from the top of the structure, you can reduce installation time and enhance site safety.

Steel is inherently more durable, has greater corrosion resistance in harsh environments and is impervious to termites and wood rot. Steel also has the advantage of being easy to alter should the building need to be extended or renovated.


Steel’s durability, strength and malleability gives designers design flexibility, as they can create effects like cantilevered modules, curved features and pitched roofs. These features generate more visual interest and can disguise the building’s modular construction method. The sturdiness of steel enables designers to use larger open spans that have a more contemporary, open design across building modules. Not just appealing to look at, these spaces are particularly important in the education sector, where open plan learning is greatly valued. The strength of steel implies that it can be used on difficult sites with steep gradients. It can also support modern multi-storey modular buildings.


For building occupants, steel is a safer option compared to traditional timber. Steel has much higher levels of fire resistance and is integrated into a building design as a fully engineered system that can be easily verified. Welded connections are inherently stronger than timber connections and welded joins can be easily inspected and verified using non-destructive testing. At the end of the day, clients can expect a building with true structural integrity.  

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