Lesotho Project

Have a look at what we have done for the Lesotho Project.


Kenya Project

Have a look at what we have done in Kenya.


Gold One

Have a look at what we have done in Gold One.


Botswana Project

Have a look at what we have done in Botswana.


Why Are Modular Structures Cheaper?

The low cost is a big reason why Modular Structures are becoming more and more popular in South Africa.

At Prefab Building Technology, you can take full advantage of this cost-effective solution.


Add A Unique Touch To Modular Homes & Buildings

Choosing Modular Buildings comes with numerous benefits – as they are cost effective and can be built in a shorter period of time. They are also more energy efficient, which can have a positive impact on the monthly costs of running the building. Prefab Building Technology can build modular structures to suit your specific needs, and we also offer a range of optional extras that you can choose from to personalize your building.


Metal Wall Panels: Types, Benefits, And Considerations

At Prefab Building Technology we supply quality Chromadek metal wall panels made from quality steel materials. Chromadek wall panels need to be well insulated and water resistant, as well as be able to handle high pressure impact and heavy weight. The sizes of the Chromadek wall panels range from 1180 mm in width and in length from 2400 mm to 3000 mm as a standard. These however can be altered according to specifications and clients needs.


Modular Home Plans: Building Quality And Value

Modular Home Plans: Building quality and value on your lot

Having plans drawn up will ensure that you know what we plan to construct and what we have included in your design.


Buyer’s Guide To Prefabricated Homes/Mobiles And Modular Homes

Our mobile are built indoors in our factory. The finished products are covered and transported to their new locations. They are leveled by a erection team at the location. These units are also referred to as Park homes and Mobiles. Our standard width is 3000 mm, two units can be built and joint together creating a 6000 mm double wide unit. Maximum length is 18 meters. 


Prefab Units In South Africa – Mobile and Modular Offices

Mobile units are customized, therefore you can use your Mobile units in South Africa for just about anything. They can be used as mobile offices, stores and much more.

Our 19 years experience ensures you that our units are manufactured according to your specifications. The units are constructed at our factory under strict supervision. We pride ourselves in our reliable transport system and the ability to deliver your home to your requested site.


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